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The first day - Home is chaos

Home is incredibly intense right now. We adopted two new kittens, and named them Drogo, and khaleesee. Now that katniss has seen them, all she did at first was hiss non stop, while the new kitties would keep quiet with their non-stop meows that meant sorry. I’m sorry for invading your territory. We had to move to plan B which was to drug them on Catnip. As katniss got drunk, she began not to be able to control her playfulness. She would roll over continuously. As khaleesee observed, she took her chance to pounce on katniss in order to show that she’s strong. Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt. The only problem is now that katniss is scared. She keeps hiding from the both of them. They take her food. They sleep on the bed with us.- It makes her think that we give her the least attention. They have taken her territory. What do you guys think I should do? I’ve already put the new kittens in a closes room. I recorded a few new videos of my day today. Hopefully ill work on them tomorrow.

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