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There’s no reason to be scared anymore.

I don’t miss the US anymore because I love it here. Its funny how I got sick from missing the place so much from the first week I left. I had dry-cough and fever at the same time because of it. I could blame the weather too though. I could name all these things to why I was sad when I got back, but really I was only afraid. I was afraid that things would fall apart that nothing has changed. And that I havent changed for the better after six months. That I was about to discover myself as someone weak. Scared to find out that I have no future ahead of me. And that I would get caught in a chaos I created myself. Scared that I would repeat the mistakes I’ve made before, and have learned nothing. But no. Those were just dark thoughts I created in my own mind that would always try to put myself down. I’m better than that now. I learned to embrace even more of the person that I am. And learned that there are good people in this world. People who care. And that no matter where you are, it’s up to You to create a happy life. :)

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