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Why don’t you leave already?

You think of only yourself. You’re empty as a hole. A hole that you’ve left in all of us because you only care for yourself. Your friends aren’t objects to keep to make yourself look good. We have our own souls to feed. Souls we must strive to mould, and improve on each and everyday of our lives. Yet you drag us to your pathetic ambitions leaving us regretful for all the time we spent trying to save you. Save you from your belief of the world revolving around you. Your belief on how things appear without taking a minute to realize what value they have compared to the people that do matter. Don’t you care about us? Don’t you treasure our souls? Or are we useless, and just so unimportant compared to all your shallow desires that will never ever mean anything but a second of happiness? We must be so replaceable to you. Why I even took the time to think about you makes me so angry. So angry, because you fooled me once again. So why don’t you fly off already and chase your stupid belief on what you think the world is. Because the only thing that’ll surface is the truth that you’ve spent your life working towards a lie. A lie of life-time happiness.


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